What type of functions are Mobile Billboards used for?

Mobile Billboards yield the best results when used for:

• Special Events
• Grand Openings
• Conventions
• Career Fairs
• Holidays
• College Events
• Retail Promotions
• Political Events
• Corporate Branding
• Street Advitisting

How far in advance should I schedule my campaign?

At least 1 week! However, we can get your campaign on the road within few hours days, although rush charges may apply.

How many hours will the campaign run per day?

One mobile advertising day is normally 8 hours. Extra hours for the day can be arranged

How do I get started?

Fill out a rate request form for your city. You will then receive information via e-mail to get started.

What are the rates?

The ad space on a mobile billboard ranges from $699. Pricing is based on geographic location and length of mobile ad campaign.

What is included in the rate?

All expenses for the driver, fuel, insurance, tolls, travel and billboard installation are included in the rate. What we quote is what you are charged without hidden charges. You will only be charged extra if you add days, hours or additional locations to your campaign. Plus Tax

Is there a way to include music or an outside sound system?

Yes. We have a sound system and Mobile Ad Radio. These are powerful features that are included in the rate if you wish to utilize them. *Sorry, these features are not available in every city.

How do I know my campaign is following the route I designated?

All of our trucks are equipped with GPS tracking systems that allow you to track the location and driving history via the Spotlight Media web site.

Can I determine the driving route of my mobile billboard campaign.

Yes. You can supply us with a predetermined route to follow or Spotlight Media can help you decide the most effective route. We drive and park where you think will generate the best impressions.

Can we have different artwork produced for either side of the truck and does it cost more?

Yes, we can put different banners on both sides of the truck at no extra charge.

How much is it for Spotlight Media to produce the art work for us?

Spotlight charges $65.00 an hour. Artwork averages to be about $150 to $550 depending on level of design.

If you have any questions that are not listed above, please contact us